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Who we are

First and foremost, we are a team of friends passionate about entrepreneurship and energy innovation. Head to "Our team" tab above to see our faces and connect on LinkedIn!


To tell you a little more, Valeriia is working at EQORE full-time and brings in battery engineering experience from Tesla and a lovely accent from Ukraine. Jorge's finishing up his Master's at MIT after working with Apple product design, but really all he wants to do is take you sailing on the Charles. Donald would happily steal his boat but he sails in the Florida Keys instead, all while managing a business there for over 6 years.


We could tell you all about the quirky traditions that keep our meetings fun, but you've got to tell a bit about yourself too! Scroll down to apply to join our team.

What we do

Synchronizing the supply of electrical power with its demand is not easy. To address additional costs associated with that, utility companies apply demand charges. A demand charge is based on the peak draw of a facility over its billing cycle. Despite a steady electrical usage for 30 days, a single spike on the 31st will increase the whole bill dramatically. Such spike-based charges can make up over half of an industrial energy bill.


Peaker plants provide a way to balance the grid. They burn fossil fuels at times of high power demand, but they also generate tons of CO2 emissions. Alternatively, energy can be stored from when it's created to when it's needed. This is what EQORE does.


EQORE’s product is a smart battery pack for small to mid-sized manufacturing facilities that can cut energy bills by up to 50% without affecting operations.

Where we're at

Our current development stage is a mix of market research and technology validation. So far, we've conducted over 170 market research interviews, completed extensive analysis of 11 batches of customer data, finished our physical prototype design, and found a facility interested to pilot with us.


We're now working on our predictive software, preparing for hardware integration, and conducting more customer interviews to add further definition to our target market choice.

Joining our team means getting unique exposure to fast-paced hard and soft skill development, as well as practical learning of the Disciplined Entrepreneurship framework, applicable to so much more than just startups. 

Apply for a UROP-style internship with EQORE.

Work with us towards the success of manufacturing businesses as well as a more efficient energy grid, ready for seamless integration of renewables.

Employment offered through the MIT Sandbox program, starting as soon as the position is filled and lasting until the end of Fall'23 or the end of IAP. Format, hours, and pay similar to a UROP. Position can be remote or on-campus. Contact with any questions.

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Thank you for applying! We appreciate your interest and will get back to you soon.

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